OMN 2015 Topics and Themes

Conference seeks to report on the latest finding in the fields of Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics. Accepted and invited conference papers will be presented orally or by posters.

Optical MEMS:Optical MEMS sensor


  • Adaptive and tunable optics
  • Optical scanners, micromirrors, and microactuators
  • Micro-optical systems for imaging, microscopy and display
  • Optical micro- and nano-devices, tunable and fixed
  • Bio-medical, bio-chemical, and other optical sensing devices
  • Device fabrication technologies, modeling and characterization
  • Optical materials and thin film materials
  • Opto-mechanics, packaging and integration
  • Telecommunications devices: Switches, filters, etc.
  • Optical energy harvesting
  • Opto-fluidic devices


Nanophotonics:Nanophotonic sensor


  • Nanoscale functional materials, plasmonics, and metamaterials
  • Nanofabrication, characterization, modeling and simulation
  • Nanophotonics for displays, optical storage, emission sources and detectors
  • Nanoscale waveguide devices, nanowires, and nanoparticle-based photonic devices
  • Nano-biophotonics
  • Tunable nano-optical and nanophotonic devices
  • Silicon photonics and photonic crystals
  • Quantum optical and quantum dot devices.